Hi, I’m Kevin, and this is my blog.

I am a teenager – fifteen and a half at the time that I write this. I enjoy writing, though I don’t indulge in it enough, in my opinion. That makes me laugh, because now I get the appearance of being lazy. In fact, yes, I have been lazy in the past. However, I’m trying to change that as much as I can as I head into eleventh grade. I hope to be tackling my big procrastination problem, and doing things before they need to be finished. At the moment, it sounds like heaven to me. I just hope I can get there.

I enjoy writing a lot, as I mentioned. I write poetry sometimes, other times I doodle/draw, and when I’m not doing those things, I am on the computer or reading a book or doing some strenuous activity (like sleeping). As for the blogging, I’ve never really been able to keep in the habit of posting. I’ve tried daily ‘cool things’, maybe cool words or cool animals, I tried posting a poem every day, but nothing seemed to work. So, instead, I’m writing as I see fit. Maybe that will be often, maybe it will be once a month. I don’t know. I promise you, though, I will be writing. Sometime.

And with that, I conclude I am a horrible writer, because I can’t stay on topic. Oh well. I may revise this… As I see fit.



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